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Does This Sound Familiar?

You had an idea!

When you decided to start your business you probably had a really good idea or did something really well and someone proposed that “you should do that to make money!” Perhaps you made something cool and someone said “you should sell those!” Well, this is more common than not the beginning of the story for most small business owners.

You started a business!

If you are like most small business owners, your business probably started out without a business plan. You figured out what materials you needed to make your product or what equipment was needed to sell your services and before you knew it, you were in business!

You were successful!

The business was doing well despite not having a business plan. You were selling and getting new clients. Your brand was started to be recognized and word was started to spread about you. Word of mouth was getting out and you getting new business seemed to easier. You were busy and getting busier!

You were overwhelmed!

Soon enough you may have realized there were operations involved in running your business that were no less a part of your business than the product or service you sell. However, these operations were much less thrilling. Keeping up with communications to costumers may have been overwhelming.  You have great marketing and promotional ideas, but six months have gone by and you just haven’t had the time to execute these ideas. You’re not waiting for anything other than time to be able to work on these ideas. Suddenly the notion of being your own boss and having more control of your time seems reversed. You are not sure how to set up payroll or if you can even afford it so you hire the most convenient and financially capable workers – your wife is now the bookkeeper and your nephew is in charge of your Facebook account.

You found BMS!

Perhaps this isn’t exactly your story or situation, but you can relate and understand to the small business owner in this scenario. Here at BMS we understand the needs of this small business owner and are here to help tackle some of those tasks that may seem unconquerable. We understand the operational aspects that are crucial to keeping your business in order. We are here to keep you bookkeeping records up to date, invoice your clients and pay your vendors. We are here to make sure 3 months don't go by without updating your social media. We are here to put together a plan to make sure you are ready to appear at that next trade show. At BMS we give you the time to be excited about your business again.

You were excited about your business again!

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