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Organization & Process Improvements



Working in an environment that allows you to stay focused, is essential to the growth and success of your business.  Are your once empty and spacious closets at home overflowing with items that don't seem to have a proper place? Are you in a constant battle with the endless pile of paper that appears on your kitchen table?  Similarly, your office or business space is just as vulnerable to building up clutter over time. As your business grows, it is likely the amount of paperwork associated with running your business will increase too. By having a proper process in place to avoid clutter, you will save time and money for your employees and clients alike.

 With a fresh set of eyes and some planning, your workspace can become a place of inspiration. Whether you are expanding, relocating, or just in need of some space, we can help get organized. We can help you execute a strategic plan for bringing your workspace to a fresh new level that suits your working style, as well as create an efficient and simple plan to keep it that way.

  • Sort through old files & piles
Cleaning out your business files should be done at least annually. Depending on your work space, doing this quarterly may help to keep you organized. BMS will help you stay organized by shredding, scanning or storing reports accordingly. The number of years records must be saved depends on the type of records. The IRS, insurance company and mortgage company have different requirements. In general, we advise all tax records are saved for at least 7 years. Depending on the volume of paperwork, your office may require a few filing cabinets or a separate storage unit to store documents.
  • Implement storage processes and plans
Having uniform and consistent processes with allow all employees to easily access information they need and allow them to better service clients. 
  • Introduce new ways to approach paper
BMS will help determine what documents need to be printed and which can be store electronically. Electronic storage saves space and allows you to access your documents with the click of a mouse. Emailing invoices and receipts to your clients/customers can help save money on paper, ink and postage.

  • Install organization tools that keep it simple
Make your filing system useful! Aside from keeping the paperwork for reference, let the filing system help remind you what needs to be done. Keep vendor and customer files separate. Designate a space for un-paid vendors to help remind you what bills you still have to pay. In the same token, designate a space for un-paid customers/clients so you can be reminded who still owes you money. Keep your company files (tax ID number, monthly statements and employee information) separate from your vendor and customer information. Make sure employees have access to the information they need, but make sure you are protecting the information that should not be accessed. 
  • Create a space that is comfortable and convenient
Creating a comfortable work environment helps maintain  focus and productivity. 


Process Improvement

 Process improvements are an integral part of organizing or vice versa.  When you start to lay out a plan to organize a space, it almost always leads to a process improvement plan.  This means the way that you handle everyday tasks involved in running your business can be re-thought to ensure that you are taking advantage of all of your resources.

 The process you may have followed in the past may not suit your current needs.  You may have new resources available that you hadn’t thought about.  All the advances in technology have made many mundane, time consuming tasks, almost obsolete.  Introducing some forms of technology and automation to your current processes can free up precious hours.  It may also be as simple as moving some files around, or putting the garbage can right near the mailbox so all that junk mail never even gets put on the desk.

  • Review current processes & Identify opportunities for improvement

What is your process for handling a new business transaction? How do you get new leads? How do you follow up on new leads? How do you store client/customer information? How do you schedule appointments? How do you follow up with clients after you have completed your business transaction? How do you track client billing and payment?  Answering these questions will allow BMS to determine where your process is lacking and how we can help you make simple adjustments to increase efficiency. As your business grows, it is imperative to have consistent processes in place. It has become apparent that maintaining consistent business processes contribute to business growth.

  • Understanding priorities

Priorities are determined by two factors: importance and urgency. Implement a routine of starting each business day with a to-do list in order of priority. Helping your employees understand business priorities will help increase efficiency and productivity. 

  • Examine goals

What are your business goals as an owner? What are your goals for the company? What are your employees goals? Having goals maintains motivation. Evaluating what you need to do to reach those goals helps you accomplish those goals. 

  • Revise workflows

How does work flow from one employee to another? If you are an independent contractor, how do you secure your next contract while working on the current contract? Determining accurate time lines will decrease down time and helps to secure consistency.

  • Evaluate resources

How is work divided among employees? Who is in charge of what? If you are an independent contractor, what portion of your work could you outsource to BMS? What portion of your work is best suited to be completed in house and what portion of your work can you outsource?


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